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  • Peppers

    I learned something new this year with peppers. If they get aphids in your greenhouse just throw them outside, the flies, bees and creepy crawlers annihilate the aphids, and mature pepper plants keep producing and ripening peppers outside. I mean the good ones too, Kung Pao, Jalapeno, bell peppers, Cajun Belle, Anaheims, Sweet Banana, , Giant Marconi, all produced and or ripened fruit outside in containers.
    Again, these plants put outside were mature, but they did not stop doing their thing. once put out. Also, my zucchini got frost bit, tomatoes slightly, peppers were not fazed. I will move them back in when the hard frost comes though.

    I am hooked on cooking with good peppers, and they are every bit as fun to grow as tomatoes. A good quality fresh pepper blows imported grocery store stuff away just like garden quality tomatoes hammer bland store slop tomatoes.
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    Bell pepper pic

    A pic of a tasty sweet bell that got stuffed and baked with Spanish rice and mozzarella cheese melted on top
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