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    Hello All,

    I (along with the help of a few friends and my husband) am builidng a Geodome Greenhouse. We have all of the materials for a 19.5' dome, and I am wondering what the best covering for it is. I have a roll of 6mil clear(ish) plastic that I got a Lowes, but I'm just not sure if it's strong enough to stand up to the snow and things. Does anyone else have a geodome greenhouse?

    Any and all advice is MUCH appreciated!!!

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    I made a pvc tunnel / greenhouse. I have read that the Lowes plastic will break down
    faster than the greenhouse plastic. I have also read that if using pvc piping that the pvc
    will make the plastic covering breakdown faster. A site suggested covering the pvc
    with some kind of greenhouse tape.

    Hopefully someone with more experience will reply.

    Also, I use panels covered with plastic to enclose a porch for the winter. The cheaper folded plastic doesn't
    last long and will split where it's been folded. I use a heavier crystal clear plastic and it lasts for years.
    So sometimes you might save money in the long run by spending a little more in the beginning.


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      No geodome experience but I did have a PVC tunnel and used the reinforced poly sheeting that would last for 2-3 years. You can buy it at AIH and it comes in various width rolls 20' wide by 100' long. Last one I bought was about $120. Only used part of the roll so it would last ~ 6 years. I did take it down in the winter. Finally got tired of annual setup/takedown and built stick frame greenhouse with the plastic panels and really like it.


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