Touch of frost here. 33° last night, Who else ?



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  • Touch of frost here. 33° last night, Who else ?

    Garden seemed to be OK so far.
    Watching the Zucs close.

    Had a little ice on the windshield.
    Wont be long ,
    need to bring in beets, beans & last of the peas..

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    Green house Thermometer sayd 39 was the low here.. so maybe 34 at the raised beds outside..(?) Didn't find any damage yet, altho my one cucumber plant has come down with a serious case of mold so I cut the last 3 little cukes off of it and dispatched it to the burn pile.. I didn't do much for us this year.. "next year" I'm going to go back to Burpee's Sweet Success. I'm disappointed in the Brussel Sprouts this year. We're going to get a few, but not enough to put up for winter I'm afraid. green Peas are still blooming.... all in all, it wasn't a bad year. I have never enjoyed so many ripe tomatoes in my life, thanks mostly to you and Mark..


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      My Zucs & beans too a hit. look pretty ugly today :-(
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        Frost here the past couple nights. Not much chance of that tonight tho, what with the two inches of rain we're getting...:mad:
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          We had frost this morning on the roof and in the yard. Harder frost than what I was expecting. ( anchorage)
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            Leaves dropping

            Leaves turning fast & starting to drop.

            Click image for larger version

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