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  • Slugs

    Can't believe I've been up here 35 years and this is my first time slugs have really been an issue, but they've set in with a vengeance. They've claimed too large a share of my crops. Tried the beer traps, not impressive. Iron phosphate slug bait seems to work well but is spendy. Hand picking is effective but tedious . We raise mainly in containers or small ( less than 25 sq ft) beds , so I've been wondering about maybe a STRONG bleach soil treatment this fall then replenish with compost tea? Surround containers with a ring of salt or perhaps lime? ( containers are on crushed rock and the slugs seem to LOVE hiding in the crushed rock). Other strategy I'm thinking of is using toxic slug baits early next spring tapering off to iron phosphate treatments closer to,harvest and our grandkids visiting. If anyone has other slug success stories let's share them!!

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    I had them bad a few years ago in a less-than-ideal garden set up in Eagle River. We tried the beer traps and killed tons of slugs. Pushed yogurt containers almost flush with the ground. They literally filled up with dozens of dead slugs (I mean each container, so maybe hundreds of dead ones total).

    But there were still more and more slugs.


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      We had them pretty bad as well. The beer traps only helped a little. When I had ducks, they cleaned out every slug on 5 acres. Turkeys hunted slugs as well.

      Other things that help.

      1. Sprinkle your wood stove ashes around the garden like a dusting... Slugs hate wood ashes.

      2. Mix up some very very strong coffee, let it cool and then spray it over your plants and the soil. Slugs hate caffeine.

      3. Crush up a bunch of egg shells and sprinkle them all over the top of the soil around the plants. It is good fertilizer and slugs do not like to crawl over egg shells.

      4. Diatomaceous Earth, which is like ground up coral will do about the same thing as egg shells. I used a volcanic version and it seemed to work.

      5. Dried kelp or seaweed around the outer edges of your beds scares away slugs. Don't pile it up next to the plant stalks.

      6. Take old copper pipes or strips of copper roof flashing and put the copper along the top rail of your raised beds. Slugs do not like to cross over a piece of copper.
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        Bad for me too. Rain & wet conditions, they multiply fast.

        I've been laying down wet ply wood , boards & old foam kitchen rugs........
        I wet the ground the lay it on top, next day lots of slugs under there. I spray with 50% distilled vinegar / 50% water mix.
        Kills them, then move the boards over a bit & do it again. Under my 5 gallon water buckets too.

        Been doing that for a week, guessing I'v killed thousands &
        stops them from laying eggs in the soil too.

        Helps a lot & makes me feel better to be fighting back


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          Electric Slug Zapper

          Here's an idea for repelling could even add a higher wire for repelling moose as well. Looks like it would work best for raised garden beds.


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