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Pale squash leaves

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  • Pale squash leaves

    The squash I transplanted to outside are pale green to even worse. I put some sea/ag fertilizer in each mound. The plants I have in a green house (cukes) seem to be doing better. Could this just be a temp issue? I guess I'm asking are other peoples outside squash struggling?

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    Mine are too. But I didn't really harden them off too well before they went into the ground. This is the first year gardening for me in quite a while but I remember zucchini squash not being too bothered by our normal summer temperatures.


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      That's " the norm" Same for me, every year.
      Even if I harden them off a few days then plant in the garden,
      they go thru a stressed period of no growth, yellow sunburned leaves.
      24/7 outside stress, normally last a week if we get some sun & above 50 nights. this year longer
      due to cold 40 nights.
      Then after about a week & temps at night above 50, they take of like gang-busters.

      Mine just started some noticeable new growth the past week, have been planted for 3 weeks.
      I seeded new ones & just repotted to bigger pots 10 round & 10 black beauty , but the garden
      ones are showing progress , finally

      Anyone need some zucs ? round & regular $1.50 ea to recover seed , soil & pot costs.

      Don't love them to death,
      over watering & over fertilizing will do more damage to an already stressed plant.


      Mine looking a lot better in the past few days :
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        Thanks guys. That's probably it, I kind of harden mine off the they sat inside a few days straight then I transplanted, just in time to catch these cool night time temps. I have a couple in containers that look like,they might not make it but if they don't I'll just have a bigger late crop of something else like snow peas or kale or something. I will ease back on the water and NOT dump more fert.. On em


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