early girl turning yellow?



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  • early girl turning yellow?

    we have a early girl thats turning yellow in our unheated green house. to much water or to cold at night? we had a few nights in the upper 20s last week.the siberian plants and all the rest of our stuff are doing good and only having issue with this one plant . any ideas would be great. thanks

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    When I have plants that act up I just walk away for a bit, if they live it's not disease. The main reason plants turn yellow and eventually brown is over watering. Some varieties can tolerate certain environmental issues better than others, disease tolerance included, and there are many reasons for yellow leaves, but it usually love that is the culprit.


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      if the leaves are turning yellow between the veins, it could indicate a lack of magnesium.. Do you give your tomatoes any epsom salts? You might mix up some Epsom Salts in water and spray on the leaves.. Other than that I'd go with what Mark says.. over watering.


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        Yellow , usually means the soil is to wet
        Mix in some perlite, & careful to not over water them.

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