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Humidity level in greenhouse - too high?

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  • Humidity level in greenhouse - too high?

    We did not go out to the greenhouse yesterday, but my wife went in today. She noticed that on about half of the plants - all on one side of the greenhouse - there's a bit of white fuz/mold growing on the soil. She also noticed on the inside roof a good amount of moisture. Seems to make sense - inside the hothouse, watering plants regularly, moisture evaporates and hits ceiling with nowhere to go. The temp gauge has a humidity reading - 48%. Is this high? Too high? Any thoughts on preventing the mold? Continue to water the plants, but go in daily and wipe the ceiling off?

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    Are you moving air? Fans, Vents?


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      No big deal.
      Mine does that all the time. I put a thin layer of sand on top of the soil to help it stay dry & not grow so much mold, moss is ok, mold will get on dead parts of plants & over time, especially in the fall lots of mold (because it's cooler). I remove any broken leaves, old blooms etc, they mold quick. Just keep the plants healthy & you should be fine.
      Water less on cloudy days, plants are not using as much water.
      Like a rainforest in there sometimes, plant do well there as long as they are healthy.
      The other day it was raining in the GH from all the condensation on the inside.

      I run a small air circulation fan to help keep the plants dry.
      Best thing to get the moisture out is a good sunny day.
      Running the ventilation fan helps allot pulling in fresh air & exhausting the moist air. If it's above 55 outside, i do that if it's been a few days with no sun to dry it out.


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