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    Since I have to grow cucs in a Green House here. Next year I plan on trying
    parthenocarpic cucumbers:: (seedless, no pollination needed)
    Sweet Success is on the top of the list so far, Camilla a close 2nd.
    I spend time every day searching out females & pollenating,
    Am getting to be a good pollinator but I alway miss a few females
    or sometimes have no male blooms for pollen.
    This year I'm growing a (beta alpha) Gynoecious variety ( produce mostly female flowers) with 2 normal monoecious variety for male blooms (& fewer females) for a pollinator.

    Beta-Alpha: (mostly females )

    Pollinator: mostly males (but a few females)

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    mudbuddy, Sweet Success is a great choice,easy to grow and they grow like gangbusters. For my cukes I have a peice of concrete mesh hanging up above my plants and they like to climb . It is a lot easier than tying them up as they grow. I have mine in the center of the green house and the tomatos along the sides. It makes it easy to get to both sides on the cukes.


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      The seedless that don't need to be pollinated were bred to be grown in greenhouses for that reason. I have a new favorite cucumber. It is the Metki dark green serpent melon. It is an Armenian mellon that taste like the best cucumber I have ever tasted. It has a thin skin that does not get bitter. They can be picked small for pickling, or let to grow large for slicing. They can grow to be over 3 feet long but are best when picked under 18 inches. The biggest I have let one grow is 2 feet and it was still good. The vines are very prolific and take to trellising easily. If you don't mind pollinating something, it might be worth it to try. I like these better than the english cucumbers. I direct seeded mine 60 days ago and they have already sold me. I'll be growing them from now on.

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