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Canadian Choke Cherry Tree question.

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  • Canadian Choke Cherry Tree question.

    I planted 8 Canadian choke cherry's in May of '08. They were purchased at Costco and have been growing and doing great until this year. Let me start by saying that they're all planted in a single row along the front of our house. They have all been treated the same and have experienced the same growing conditions ie., sunlight, water, ect. This year however, 3 of the 8 are doing very well and have sprouted all there leaves and are starting to sprout some flowers. But the other 5 seem to be in various stages of growth, they have all sprouted leaves on the lower branches and as you go up the tree the branches seem to be in earlier stages of growth, with a couple trees (from 1/4 of the way up to the top) looking like they look in the winter. They don't appear to be dead, just have less and less bud (leaf) formation as you go up the tree. All these trees are about 18' or so tall and have trunks that are about 3" in diameter. The 3 trees that are totally leaved out are in different places along the row, in other words they're not right next to each other. I can't figure out why all of a sudden this year this is happening when they have all done so very well over the last 3 years. Does anyone know what's causing this, and should I be concerned??

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    This past winter had something weird that caused a lot of different plants, bushes, and trees , to die off. Just visting a friend to day he had one cherry tree on one side of a path that looked great and the other one on the other side looked half dead. We lost places in our lawn that had never had a problem before. They might come back ,just make sure that they get plenty of water as that will make it so that do not have to fight for moisture . Good luck


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      Plant more? A row of trees at a commercial property in Anchorage I noticed planted 2 or 3 saplings in each spot on a row of trees out front. The property was completed 2 years ago. Not sure if they're planning to let all the saplings stay or thin them out, but from a planning perspective it made sense. Prob you'll get best answers from a nursery.

      Found some links with chokecherry info, but not specifically about this problem.
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