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Quick plant to harvest veggies?

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  • Quick plant to harvest veggies?

    I spend my summers in the bush and wish to have veggies to feast on whilst out there. Last year I grew lettuce and radishes turnaround is about 45 days. Are there other eatibles I can give a go? This year I am putting up a small GH and elevated bins. I don't have time to harvest or use potatoes as I ship out in Oct back to the big village (Wasilla).

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    They are not as quick as radishes but beets, kale, and chard can be done in 70ish days. You can eat the greens from the beets too. Sweet peas/snow peas/edible pod peas can be harvested in 30-50 days. Arugula can be harvested in 30 days, and it gets spicier as it gets older. There are carrots that can be grown in 85-100 days, they take a couple of weeks to germinate. Cilantro/coriander likes cool weather and it often re seeds it's self. Chives can be sewn this year for harvest next year and everyone after. Green onions can be done in 70ish days.
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      Spinach, onions if you use sets.


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        Pretty much any green would be good. In addition to lettuce you could try spinach, kale, swiss chard, bok choi, Mache, Arugula, etc. Most have maturity dates of 50-60 days and you can always harvest them early to eat as baby greens.

        Early beets take about 60 days and as garnede says you can eat the greens as well. There are some early turnips, only grows to egg size and suppose to be quite good. My sister grows them and I'm trying them for the 1st time this year. Denali seed has a variety called white egg turnip that takes about 50 days. There is a Japanese variety called hakurei that only takes 38 days. My sister raves about the hakurei eaten sliced and sauteed in a bit of oil with just some salt and pepper.

        Baby carrots...I like the little finger and scarlet nantes but any variety that colors up small will work. I planted mid-may and was eating carrots 4th of July last year. Granted they were still tiny, only pencil sized, and I was actually thinning and eating the discards. But still gives you an idea of you you could get.

        Any peas should do well. You could also try some of the runner beans. I've not grown them in AK yet but am trying the scarlet runner this year. Suppose to tolerate the cool temps well and produce in 55 days.

        Maybe try an early cucumber in the greenhouse.


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