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    New to the Alaska gardening hobby and curious about greenhouse temperatures. We put up a greenhouse this year for the first time. It is this one here:

    I am curious as to what our temp ranges should be. It was about the same inside as it was outside this morning, but I figured that is due to overnight temps, and that it takes a bit to warm up during the day. We've only had it up a few days and have not had a chance to really monitor it yet. This year will likely be a big experiment, but should be fun.
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    I set my thermostat to 85. The fan kicks on, louvers open down to about 80.
    I also have a circulation fan running all day. A small breeze in the GH is good for the plants.
    Overnight temps will get down near outside temps, usually a few degrees warmer.
    Remember it stays warmer for a while after the sun goes down. The internal structures, beds etc,
    give off some heat for a few hours to help it stay warm for a wile.
    I have 4 - 5 gallon black buckets of water with lids, they get warm during the day & release some heat at night.
    Even a few degrees warmer helps.
    In June, & July, I open the screen section of the door during the day. Fan has to run less.
    Good luck, Good growing


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      My new greenhouse has been a learning experience. I lost 200 starts when it got to 140 degrees. I now have 3 fans and 2 exhaust fans running. It is staying about 70-75 on the sunny days.
      My overnights are never below 60, but I have infloor heat.

      I think the mid-seventies are the range to shoot for.
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      Love life and live it


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        Plants like temps similar to people, they will do best 60 to 85.

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          Clearly these vinyl greenhouses like what I've got don't get that hot. It was only just above 70 in there yesterday.
          Never count your days, but rather, make all of your days count.


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            I too built a green house this year (finally) been thinking on it for 20- or 30 yrs now It seems... 5 o'clock came a little early at my house this afternoon, and as I sat in my lawn chair sipping an AK amber looking at my fine new GH, I ran a few numbers through my head... I got a buck, six, 98 invested in materials.. I lost a buck fifty worth of hide to skinned knuckles, and about $3 worth of hide off one shin when the ladder slipped and we all came tumbling down.. but that was cheap, coulda broke my .... neck, or a leg.. and just when the fishing season is starting... (whew!).. I got a couple $$ invested in seeds, peat pots, potting soil, etc,... So it's going to be interesting as all get out this fall when I set down and figure out what each bleeping "matter" cost me in time and money...!!! But the Petty Officer in Charge of Laundry and Morale likes fresh, vine ripened "matters" in her salads, and if there is one thing I've learned in this life time, it's the simple fact that if the Petty Officer in Charge of Laundry and Morale is unhappy, so is everybody else in this house...!


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              Greenhouse XXX$$
              Seeds & soil XX$$
              Early Girl Tomato plants from the nursery XX$$
              You have 2 priceless:
              Sitting drinking a beer looking at the new Green House. (feels good, eh?)
              Supplying vine ripened tomatoes (in Alaska) to you kitchen

              LOL, I laughed about the skin & blood. Now the GH is really part of you LOL

              Don't calculate the price of the tomatoes. (Scary)
              Calculate the price of the enjoyment of the whole process.

              Way to go, Enjoy

              Now the learning curve of growing in a GH in Alaska. I'm still learning.


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                Remember to spread the cost of the green house over 10-15 years when you do your calculations.
                It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.



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                  Should be able to recoup those costs with a vine or two of tomatoes, with Alaskan prices


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