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    I'm seeking any feedback from anyone who has raised pigs in Alaska. I have a few questions/concerns, as I am new to swine farming. We are considering buying 2 piglets to raise for eating, and have enough yard/woods to accommodate them and an enclosure. Not trying to raise any State Fair record sized swine, just some extra protein in the freezer to supplement our salmon and usual caribou....let's not talk about caribou hunting this year!

    1. Is there a particular breed that does well with our climate?
    2. Do you use an electric fence to keep the pigs in the pen and/or bears out?
    3. What type of feed do you use? Do you feed them 1-2x per day, or leave a feeder in their pen?
    4. Enclosure or pen style? I've got pallets, rebar and 2x4's that need to be used up, and of course tarps

    Any other suggestions or comments from prior pig farmers? I 100% new to it, and would like to hear what others have experienced!

    Thanks everybody!

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    Raise three every year. Buy the piglets in April and butcher during fair season. This gives us all of our fat and pork to mix with wild meat. Our goal is a 300 lb hog.
    Our pigs are absolutely the best eating compared to the tasteless store bought.
    Any of your local breeders have stock that is obviously hardy.
    Supplement feed if you can, it makes great pork vs pig grower from feed store.
    Electric fence 1 off the ground keeps them from escaping. If you want to keep them from rooting add rings in the nose.
    Build your pen in 3 sections. Open up another section in July and again in August. They love rooting in new grass and trees as you double then triple their pen size.

    Needless to say, home made bacon and gratons are the bomb!!

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      Bkmail, if you ever decide to sell a pig give me a shout. Yours have the right about of fat!!! We would butcher pigs & steer back home every fall and after moving up here I tried buying a pig a few times from different sellers. I gave up a long time ago because they were all far too lean. With a pig fat = flavor.

      And as as soon as I hit "post" on this reply I'm going to dig a pork belly out of the freezer and make my favorite soy & ginger pork belly nibblings.


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