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Best easy way to tan a green cow hide???

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  • Best easy way to tan a green cow hide???

    I am looking at getting some green cow hides from a friend and I would like to tan them. What is the easiest way to do this in my home, minus using the bath tub and harmful chemicals? What is best way for hair on, and what is the best way for hair off? Thanks!

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    You could try this: :whistle:
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      Hah... not exactly what I was thinking...


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        Tanning without chemicals? If you want an end product that will last and not spoil, I don't know of any alternatives. Also, preparing a hide for tanning (read as properly fleshing) is a lot of work. There is no "easy way", with the exception of having someone else do it.


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          Do it like natives do. You need to get the brains with the hide to start. You will also want some brackish water from boiling bark to get the tannins out and soak hide in. Cool smoke will be the last part.Use a draw knife to remove hair after its soaked in the tannins awhile then soak again.
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