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  • electric fencing questions

    Ok, so I got a couple of goats this summer and decided to fence them in so they would stay away from my cabbages and the neighbors. Everything was going great as I was running a five-strand barbed wire fence around part of the property for them.

    About the time I got the gate hung, both my goats got on their knees and crawled under the bottom wire which only 6" off the ground. I was pretty amazed they could do the limbo that low. And I was amazed that all my hard work was pretty much wasted. LOL

    So new plan is a solar electric fence. I want to run it low to the ground, but I was wondering if snow would affect it much if at all or if I should run a couple hot strands at different heights to keep it hot.

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    Run several strands , but the best thing is that you want to make sure that the goats know what a electric fence realy is . After setting it up turn the power on and wearing a pair of gloves stick the goats nose on the fence and it will not be long before they respect the fence.Good Luck


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      Thanks, I think I will run several strands of it. Shouldn't take much to get them to touch it since they are always sneaking underneath it anyhow. How does snow affect the fencing? Will being in contact with the snow make them loose juice?


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        Wouldn’t just adding more strands of barbed wire work? Snow will not short out your fence because it has no minerals. If the snow gets dirty you may have a problem. If you are going to use solar panel I do not believe it will keep the battery charge in the winter and then there the problem with the battery freezing.


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          I already got that barbed wire a hand's breadth off the ground for the lowest strand and the next one that much higher. They just scrape right thru it! They almost seem to like the feeling of barbed wire on their backs... wierd little goats.


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            Sound like it time to find out if there tasty little goats.


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              Sounds like it is time to go with a woven wire fence unless they can go through a 4" x 4" hole.


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                Bigbend unfortunately I can't use the welded wire cause my land has too many tussocks and dips and stuff but I could if I wasn't trying to contain such a large area.


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