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how long does it take?

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  • how long does it take?

    Ok, ok, I know it's sort of a loaded question- but I'm wondering a loose timeline on building a shelter.

    Several years ago, I found a pc of property & we toiled away until we owned it free & clear. Then we worked at clearing (wow! that was a chore). Then put in posts to build on. And movd some materials up there.

    So, this year (leaving in 3 weeks) we're camping onsite. Traveling by river boat & camping. We've hired one guy & have a budget. The cabin should be 24x32, 1 1/2 stories. I don't know if I'm being optimistic to think we can have it dried in within a few weeks. My dad says only a few days to frame it up. My husband says we're lucky to have a roof on it this summer. I'm hoping somewhere in between.

    I realize there are some variables. But, any opinions are appreciated. The guys will fall a few trees (dang cottonwoods!) & we have brought a little excavator up- but it'll have to be moved to our lot through the woods. Other than that I'm not seeing any major distractions. (oh, forgot about weather!:shot:

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    You are right about this being a loaded question. Even though they say all men are created equal, when it comes to working hard I find this to not be true. If you know what you are doing a 24x 32 should be framed up in about 1 week or less. metal roofing goes on faster than shingles and that should be like another 2 days. Another 1/2 day or so to set windows and doors you have a dried in place. I know this may seem fast to some but I could do this all by myself, as I have many times. Get it up and get it done!


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      Points taken. We intend to use metal roofing & plan to make the 'box' and not add windows until later (fall - when taking more time of work).

      The guys know how to have a good time, but are also hard workers!

      In addition to bein a bit impatient (me)- our budget for labor (not by me) has been tallied at 8 hours/day- 5 day/week for 4 weeks. I'm looking at that part of it as it's remote, no ones leaving & I can't see working 5- 8's & sittin around on the weekends. I'm all about get 'er done too! Especially since our remote cabin is a long way from home & we only get so much 'vacation time' from work in which to be onsite to build.

      Thanks again!!


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        Bought land in 2006 with dreams of building. Bought a cabin in 2009 with dreams of building on the empty lot. 2010 got wells drilled,lumber, excavator and septic tank dreaming on where to build. 2011 going to wake up and get it done after the ice goes. Good luck


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          Would you be open to posting the area that you are building in?


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            We're building up the Taku R in SE. Somewhat nearby to Juneau- but waaaay up the R. =)


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              Once, we were at a nearby cabin visiting. Nice log cabin, the guy had been there about 25 years. As we were sitting on the couch drinking a beer, I asked how long it took him to build the place. He replied, "I don't know, I'm not done yet."


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