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    Iv read that if you want to build a cabin & live self suffiecent with not much cash their is a package from the (dnr) state land offering a (Trapping cabin permit) that very few have taken advantage of this option ! you have to prove you use a trapline on regular basis & long enough to warrant the building of a cabin! if any one else has heard this does any one know how much the permit is ??

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    I had permits for one back in the early 90's one of the provisions was it can't be use as a primary home. They were good for 10 years then you had to renew.


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      yes thats the same one im on about can you tell me how much it was then ? untill i get an upto date price as iv just put it up .


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        This is the 3rd or 4th Post I've seen from you this morning. From my foxhole, you have not thought this thru.
        First, you are not a US citizen, so coming here and and getting land given to you from the state of Alaska is not going to happen. You have to be a resident of the state to be eligible....but before you can be a state resident you have to be a US citizen.
        Once you get by all those hurrdles, let it be known that the land that the state DNR is offering is not on a road system..So how are you going to get to it...You'll need a plane, boat, and/or snowmachine.

        So your asking for advice...My advice is scrap this whole plan.


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          Derby im only asking advice on matters , if you`v read my threads then you would off seen one that says im going to go through the legal procedure buddy. id have to live a year as a citizen then i wuld get all my supplies & also im a wood worker to trade. offcourse after all the legal requirements wer seen to id have to get all my kit , tools & supplies out by boat & plane. iv studied alaska for 3yrs now weather, thin ice, overflow, blizzards even sun dogs/moondogs, & bear behaviour ! im also not an ameture in sum respect im an excellent shot , won fishing competitons & got good bush craft skills to mention a few & like a said i dont claim to know it all & state i would need the right hand to point me in the right direction which i dont come close to alsakan people as they are simply the best at any outdoor activities off any type why im on here !!!


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            p.s to let it be known i also have good bush craft skills , can hunt & skin & prepare meat as well as read & seen evry book/dvd just about out their ! would like to get copy off the dvd (love thunder&bull vol 1+2) about moose calling though sounds good. my barriers which i need advice would how to make a trapping circuite although as iv said in other forums i know how to make cubby, leg hold, snaring,pole setts,pea posts etc bait mix fish, beaver castor oil maybe musk rat to all heated up in a tin to make a gel for smearing on to bait at trapps so Derby i probably know more than you thanks for the positive advice - not


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              For what its worth need4wilderness, the guys on here have seen this post a number of times from wannabe "bush alaskans" who are unwilling to take advice from people who know what they are talking about and get butt hurt when their ideas are criticized.

              Alot of the guys on here want to see you succeed., but you need to have the right attitude.

              Because to most of us, unless you've already lived the lifestyle in northern Canada or Alaska, you have ZERO credibility and you need to spend more time listening than talking.

              There are people on AOD that CAN help you, but you'll never get there the way you are approaching it.

              The only other helpful thing I can add is that you should move up here for a year or two, get a job, live in town and most of the things you are asking about now will be moot points, IMO.

              That said, best of luck.


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                Dkwarthog i wasnt hurt their , i had to talk more their to let people know i had good skills, thats wher i went wrong making my self out a total ameture so thats why i let it be known what i knew as it doesnt pay on here to just ask for advice example- like derby scrap your plans , im that poor kid who went out un prepared & died . i would never ever even compenplate going out without being 100% organized - to be organized & prepared in evry aspect is the key to life . i feel you at least know what your talking about & i its guys like you im listning to dk . yerh im from a cold country scotland very similar but only gets down to -10 & it does scare me the temperatures but right clothes in layers, proper protection i.e 4 dog baffled stove as the natives say if you dont respect & take carefull though in evry move you make out their will punish you ! i know this & i will succeed in my dream being a living off the land bcos its in my blood no matter what negative remarks i get. theirs no wher else in this world id rather be than being part off alaska living the dream hunting & ebing self reliant


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                  p.s dkwarthod whats A O D i forget to ask thanks ?


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                    AOD= Alaska Outdoor Directory= this website


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                      Originally posted by Derby06 View Post
                      You have to be a resident of the state to be eligible....but before you can be a state resident you have to be a US citizen.
                      Not quite right. Non-citizens can be Alaska residents. I worked with a kid on our commercial fishing boat for a number of years that was a non-citizen (he was a refugee from Bosnia and had legal immigration papers, but was not a US citizen), but after he permanently resided in Alaska for a year he was legally considered a state resident and was entitled to resident rates on fishing licenses, etc.

                      need4wildnerness - As mentioned by dkwarthog, understand that the folks here are trying to help. While it's worth noting that you're no amatuer, your history of reading books, watching DVDs, and winning fishing tournaments will matter very little when you fall through the ice at -50 or when you run out of food/firewood and are 100 miles from civilization. Yes, those things can be planned for as well, but experience matters, and that's what folks are suggesting you get in a reasonable, measured way. Have you read any posts from member bushrat? He and his wife (Alaska Grandma on here) have been living in the remote bush on a tributary north of the Yukon River for over 30 years. I've had the pleasure of talking with him over dinner a couple of times, and while I would do his story poor justice, it seems like they did things the right way. From what I understand, when they moved north to Alaska they were looking to do what you're thinking - jump right in and make it happen. If memory serves, they were strongly advised by locals to move to town for a winter, get a feel for what they'll actually need and what Alaska is really like, build a grubstake and some skills, and then make a more informed decision about where they'd like to be and what it would take to do it. They're still there over 30 years later, and my guess is that it is large part due to their willingness to move slowly, cautiously, and with a great deal of consideration of the wisdom of those who had gone before them.

                      Again, folks are just trying to help.


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                        Originally posted by need4wilderness View Post
                        Derby im only asking advice on matters , if you`v read my threads then you would off seen one that says im going to go through the legal procedure buddy.

                        Originally posted by need4wilderness View Post
                        i dont claim to know it all

                        Originally posted by need4wilderness View Post
                        pso Derby i probably know more than you thanks for the positive advice - not

                        As I sense the sarcasm I will say this before I bow out of the conversation...When one asks for advice, he has to be willing to listen and weigh both positive and negative comments/criticisms. My intent was not to be negative, but simply be honest. To get citizenship and or a VISA for the US, it needs to be for something, i.e. work, school, etc...Not to come live off our resources.
                        What I do take negatively is a person from a foreign country wanting to come to our nation (and state) and get land from the DNR and live off our land and resources. All legal immigrants are welcome in this country, but need prosper and contribute...your living off the land seems to say you will become a US citizen and Alaska resident and live off the land while never ever really contributing to our great nation.
                        On a final note, your posts are very hard to read and understand. Proper grammar, sentences, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation would make your posts much easier to understand. We all make typo’s now and again, but………….
                        Well good luck…


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                          Originally posted by Brian M View Post
                          Not quite right. Non-citizens can be Alaska residents.
                          Fair enough..I didn't say that right...Heck there are non-citizens in the Military.
                          I may be wrong on the VISA part in my last post as well, but my point is the same none the less...


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                            Cabin permits are $100 and are good for 10 years. But, you need to prove you are commercially trapping and you may only use them while you are doing trapping related activities. So, no year round living, and no setting up your private moose hunting camp. Also of note is that the State of Alaska DNR may authorize multiple trappers to use the same cabin simultaneously. For more information see the link below.



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                              Thanks very much cabindude excellent just what i needed to know & thanks for the link. cant believe their that cheap shocked but happy ! G


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