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    I'm in the final stages of cabin construction. We (my wife) has decided we want a 3 or 4 burner propane stove/oven - bigger than typical RV but smaller than typical kitchen gas range. I'm having trouble locating a dealer that sells that type of appliance (I can go from Homer to Talkeetna to find one) - I would really appreciate any help on this, thanks.

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    Home Depot has several online in the 19-24" wide range. They don't show any in store, but you can usually have the store order them for you.


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      Try calling propane distributors like Suburban propane, I know they used to carry appliances in one of their stores. There is also a propane place on the Parks in Wasilla(not sure of name) down by Hartley Honda that had appliances. Make sure that it has the parts to convert from Natural Gas to propane. Good Luck.


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        Try Puffin Appliance @376-4505 in Wasilla next to Speedy Glass. The gentleman that ownes the place is good to deal with he should be able to help. Good luck


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          That is Amerigas 745-4216 the person that you want to talk with there is Robb he can help with any questions on the propane.


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            Spenard Builders used to carry 24" ranges that require no electricity. I used to have a small one like what they sell. It was a huge improvement when we upgraded to a standard 30" range.

            Any gas range can be converted to propane. Beware that most gas ranges need 120v to run the ovens.


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              Susitna Energy can order you a Unique stove from Canada. These stoves are made for use with propane off-the-grid. Piezio-electric spark ignition. They are very nice stoves and of course, have a very nice (not low)price-tag.

              SBS has some units. Be sure the stove has an oven pilot, otherwise, it uses a glow-bar to ignite the oven, and that takes 400 watts to run.


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