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I know this subect has been beaten to death here on the forum

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  • I know this subect has been beaten to death here on the forum

    I been playing around with the socalled a solar and wind system set up in Alaska i have beening talking to the guy at the ABS Alaska solar and wind system about building the system and beening able to power th basic items inside the cabin ..My idea is a use a solar panel system that can be aimed at the sun to get the most out of solar with a wind system to help also with the chargeing the small battery bank system ..

    The idea is have the panels aimed at the sun dureing the winter months and useing the wind also is part of the chargeing system to keep the battery bank doing the winter months ..

    My idea is to use 8 -x- Kyocera KD !35SX 135.watt panels and a Air-X Maine model 400.watt wind turbine system to charge the 12 Sun Xtender PVX 1080T batties to run the 12.volt products and 110.volt items with enough amp hours to last a week

    So what do you think of the system for southern Alaska landscape that gets alot of more sun than other areas in southern Alaska

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    What is the price of the wind generator? How many more solar panels could you get with the same money? I have been doing what ifs for my lodge for a lot of years, money being the biggest obstacle. I was visiting with a seller at the Mat-Su sports show and he brought a good point to ponder. The wind won't blow all the time but the sun comes up every day. Even with clouds the panels will put out watts.

    I am looking at this for Bristol Bay where the wind is a big deal some times. Also how much maintenance is solar???

    Points to think on.



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      Originally posted by George Riddle View Post
      Even with clouds the panels will put out watts.

      Solar panels do put out watts when it cloudy, a 135w panel could give 20 watts of power, for that matter the same panel under the best of conditions in SC Alaska could put out 50 to 80 watts depending on efficiency of the panel for 4 or 5 hours per day.


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