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  • Porcipine deflector

    Going to be building a new structure. I want to make it as impervious to the porkis as possible. Planning on using metalsiding and a metal skirt as the structure will be 5-6 feet off the ground. I have to use metal siding because as the snow builds up it will get that high and the porkis can start chewing at a higher level. Any other porki preventive measures one can take?

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    You can add a layer of hardware cloth below the floor joist or if it will be high enough off of the ground that porcupines can't bypass them in deep snow a collar around the columns/pier could keep them away from the floor.
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      One thing that you might think about is bigger overhang on the roof and that way it would keep the snow from building up against the walls. Also if you want to prevent Mr.porki from messing with the under floor you can cover it with the window cut outs from metal doors. All of the door shops that get the door blanks cut out the area where the glass go. Then they have to pay to dispose of these. So there fore they are glad to give them away. It is not only Porki proof but it gives you another 1 1/2' of insulation. Very easy to install as they are ridge enough that they will span with out each joint falling on a floor joist.


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