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Dual fuel boiler

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  • Dual fuel boiler

    I'm working on deciding what to heat my next house with, and I have been looking into boilers that burn wood and oil. Is there someone in state who has this type
    Of unit? I asked at Goldstar plumbing in the valley, but they didn't have anything. The model I've been looking at is the Benjamin CC500

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    Heres my $.02.
    I'm a journeyman plumber and Mechanical Engineering Technologist. HVAC is my business.
    I would take a pass on the combo units. Its a compromise on both ends.
    If you want wood primary with oil back up/supplementary, I'd get a good quality oil boiler with Reillo burner to keep the efficiencies high, and an indoor wood boiler such as the ProFab Empyre Elite. The combo units just have too small a fire box.
    I've put in a few of the ProFabs now, and they are working well. And they integrate well with an oil fired system.
    The Tekmar staging controls make it easy to have the wood as your primary, and then oil for back up and supplementary.
    PM me if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to give you any info I can.
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