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t1-11 siding?

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  • t1-11 siding?

    I have a cabin with t1-11 siding,It is now showing dark stains were the snow sits
    It has always just been stained with clear stain.

    anyone have a good idea about refinishing the siding so it does not show the dark
    dirty areas?

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    Depending on how bad the stains are, you should be able to clean it with any of a number of different kinds of deck cleaners. I have had the best luck with Olympic deck cleaner and Super Deck cleaner/brightener.
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      I don't know about t1-11, but a good inexpensive way to clean wood is mix one part bleach with four parts water. Spray it on and wait a minute or two, then spray it off with a water hose.
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        Not to hijack the thread, but I have the same siding on our cabin we just bought and it looks weathered like driftwood, any tips for staining the wood in that kind of shape?



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          Same deal, wood brightener and cleaner. Bleach will work too, but it doesn't work as well as some of the deck cleaners.
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            Whatever you do, you will have to refinish it after you clean it with one of the suggested methods. You can use a powerwasher too, but be careful because it is easy to take off the nice rough-cut finish. If it was me, I would use a dark SEMI-TRANSPARENT (never use solid color stain or paint!) stain like a barn brown or a forest green; the dark stain will avoid the natural darkening that is happening when you try to use a clear finish and keep it "bright" and probably you can just apply it over the current finish if it is weathered enough, unless it is some type of polyurethane clear finish, then you might have to do some preparation or cleaning. Dark stain lasts much longer than lighter colors and for sure longer than clear. Easy to put on T 1-11 siding using an ordinary pump-up garden sprayer, but you'll get some on the ground...and if you have a contrasting trim, you might be better to just roll it on.


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