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  • Kubotas anyone?

    Does anyone have a Kubota tractor? Anyone use one with a snowblower attachment? I got tired of shoveling and before I spend $1000 or more on a walk-behind or plow for my pickup i thought I would look at these.
    I need to clear a little bit of land for a garage and transplant some trees also. Figured I might get the wife's OK if I could use it for landscaping and her small garden too.
    Are the gas powered ones and the hydraulics ok in the ~20 below stuff?
    I see guys running John Deeres with the blower. Is there much support for Kubotas in the Wasilla area?

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    I had a Kubota 29 horse -3 cylinder diesel with a loader and a back up snow blower. If you have to back up all the time to blow snow you will soon have a very sore neck, but it does throw snow well. You will look like a snow man when you are through. I had a front mounted blower on a smaller John Deere gas mower. The front mount is better, but you will still be covered if it is windy. The smaller mower would plug almost immediately if you did not clear it before you shut down. All in all a snow pow on a truck is better.


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      Thanks Windypoint. How does your bucket do as a plow? Does it scoop too much?


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        The loader is good for pushing back berm build up. As a plow, it is too easy to damage the road surface. In Southeast Alaska, the ground is often too soft to safely use the loader. A plow is hard on a pick up but still better if you have a fair amount of road to keep up.


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          The JD4310 I had worked really well pushing snow with the loader bucket. JD (and presumably others) have a float feature that works independantly of the bucket tilt, so you can scrape or even pack the snow w/o any downward pressure. I also like the hydro trans, which makes for fast plowing action as well. Curtis hard cab with heater block is also nice- though in the summer I prefer open top.


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