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  • DIY Septic System

    Just wondering if anyone has any experiences they would like to share about laying in their own septic system. Links to resources would be much appreciated.

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    ADEC has a package they will gladly ship you on do-it-yourself systems. You have to watch a DVD and then you are "certified" to do your own. I did it this last summer and my septic is working great. That said, I've seen a few done and had some decent resources to pull on. If you have no experience, then a 20 min DVD isn't going to help much and you will find that laying level pipe in a trench is harder than it looks.



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      My husband did our own septic and he later became septic certified.
      If you would like, you can definitely feel free to give us a call or send over an email and I am sure that he would love to give you some suggestions.


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        I recall seeing on a website a link to an Alaska govt. website that had a tutorial for becomeing "certified" to install your own tank. I read through it briefly and found it easy to understand. Maybe someone remembers the link? I thought it was here.

        You can do it yourself, and legally.



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          Found a blurb about homeowners being allowed to install after training.

          Licensure Requirements for Septic System Contractors

          To become a certified installer of septic systems, .........

          "Individuals can be authorized to install a system on their own property by attending a four-hour lecture on the Onsite Wastewater Installer's Manual and passing a written examination. Following the exam, a homeowner is authorized to install one septic system within the following year". Here's the manual I found that tells a homeowner how to install.


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