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Firewood for Camping & Cabin - Suggestion

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  • Firewood for Camping & Cabin - Suggestion

    I was just wondering where most people get there firewood for a weekend
    out of town. I see all the stores selling bundles of wood in the summer and doing a booming business. I know given the fact that everyone I go camping with always wants a large fire, you can burn a lot of dollers for wood if you buy it by the bundle.

    Suggestion: You will save a bunch of money if you get in touch with the the Spenard Builders Truss plant and buy the pallets of wood they have. They have short pieces 2x4 and 2x6 - great firewood for $20.00 a pallet the last I knew. They might not be in operation now - but for the summer it's a great source.

    Anyone else have any money saving ideas for the summer?
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    One year I seemed to have a 1/2 of pickup of Tae Kwon Doe breaking boards (already been broke) that were great for fires. Other year I cut a pickup load from beetle killed spruce near Sterling. And then my favorite way to get wood is to watch people leave their camp site on Sundays and collect what they leave after they have checked out.


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      Firewood for camping

      Pick up a few pallets and bust them up. Companies all over leave them out for the taking. Nice kiln dried lumber.


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        Check with the forest service, there are areas along the Seward where you can cut your own beetle killed spruce. A bed load of wood for the cost of fuel. The other thing to look out for, especially this time of year, is adds for free wood in the paper or Craigs list. Folks will be clearing off lots for building, and having someone haul off wood beats them having to do it.

        I've never purchased firewood, though have spent a couple bucks on a chainsaw and driving around to get wood.
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          Its free to remove wood from the municipal wood lots in anchorage or the one in chugiak


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