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    Hey folks, new to this part of Alaska Outdoors Forums. Was just browsing the site the other day and came across this section. Caught my eye and starting talking to my wife about it. How might one go about procuring some land (5-10 acres) relatively cheap and then using on-site natural resources to build? Not looking for 100% road accessibility but closer than a mile would be nice.

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    Hey Wolfman... you still in the air force or are you retired? I used to be stationed out of Elmendorf with the (962nd), kind of miss those days.


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      Active duty, 517


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        ANG, 249th

        I started by going to and checking the mls listings. You can sort using the advanced search function to find vacant land, in the area and price range you're interested in. Did the whole process during an AEF at Balad 2 years ago.
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          Here's a few more links that may help you out


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            That statewide realty sight is pretty good. Lots of stuff on there. Also <shudder> craigslist. I found a guy at Dynamic properties that has been only doing remote cabins and land in the matsu for the last 15 years or so. Pretty good guy and his research on mineral rights, railroad plans, wells, and easements is way above par. PM me for his e-mail. I just bought 40 acres and used him for the offer and he was fantastic.


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              Or you could buy directly from the state. You will have to search through to find the ones near the road. And expect to pay more for the ones near the road.
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       is real good at helping you find what you need. If you tell them what you want they will call you when something pops up. They helped me find a really good deal
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                  Thanks for all the info. Isn't there some auction or something like that, that the state does on remote realestate every year?


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                    Ak Land Auction

                    Check this out
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