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  • sat tv and internet system

    who sells the best set for sat tv and internet for the state of alaska area
    i am going to be in the steward and homer area down
    who has the best package deals sets with both units togerther on one bill set up
    and does heavy rains or snow fall cuase you problems with the system
    any info would be good
    in countdown mod for my move to alaska

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    Henry, you'd be best off seeing if there's satellite dealer in the area you're buying in. They'll more than likely have to do a site survey to see if you can get a signal from your property.

    I wanted Directv, but could not get the signal from my property. I was barley able to get the signal for Dish Network. The installer said he'd bet money I'll have a signal for maybe three years at best, by then he figured the neighbors tress will grow out and block my line of sight on the satellite.


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