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  • water and sewer options

    I will be ready to start a water/sewer system in spring. Unfortunately I do not have the $$$ required to do it right, right now. Does anyone have options on a temprary water system to support one small shower, toilet and kitchen sink.

    For the drain, I was thinking of just having a tank dropped in the ground right behind the cabin, and having it pumped out as required. Similiar to the bathrroms at the highway pulloffs aorund the state. They just have a hatch (1-2 foot around for clean out). The place will be used allot over the summer and sporatic in winter. It is close to Sterling so getting access is not an issue.
    I have always liked the concept of RV's. They are self contained and compact (like a small cabin). Is there anything out there similiar for cabins? It does not seem as if there is allot of info on the web

    Any feedback on the subject would be appreciated.

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    Anchorage Tank and Greer Tank have tanks that will work for you. There are also sources for plastic and concrete tanks throughout the state. Steel tanks seem to be the most popular, though. The best way would probably be to pony up the money for a 1000 gallon septic tank and put it in the ground. Cap off the outlet hole, bury it and have the septic pumper just suck it out of the 4" pipes out of the top. That way you can simply dig up the end, remove the cap, and attach it to your leach field when you have the money to do that part right.

    The other option is to build a grey water system with a 55 gallon drum full of holes and use an incinerating toilet.
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      We use the drum gray water and incinerating toilet option at our place and it works great for us.

      For the gray water system, we use a large plastic trash can buried below grade. This is basically a grease and food separator. The inlet is higher than the outlet to keep the grease and floaties in the can and we drain it through a perforated line to a leach field. Once a year we take the cover off the can, dip out the grease and we are good to go. All of this was hand dug so the cost is minimal.

      We installed a Storburn incinerating toilet several years ago and it is great - no odor and we probably burn in off every three or four weekend visits.

      Before we got a well drilled, we pumped water from the lake using a centrifugal pump into a 50 gallon holding tank and then lifted it using a 12V demand pump like RVs use. Hung an on-demand propane hot water heater on the back of the cabin and plumbed in it and it was just like home. This was all before we got electricity in and it was very comfortable - at least in the summer time. But who needs running water in the winter?


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