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Stolen guns from Willow home

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  • Stolen guns from Willow home

    We had a break in at our home in Willow. Thieves stole 3 guns.

    Belgium Browning over/under Pigion Grade 12ga
    Rem 870 wingmaster 2 3/4 Rough blueing
    and An old non fireing Stevens side by side Double. With holes drilled through the barrel. It was screwed to a Beam they ripped it off.

    The punks even stoled 3 bottles of whiskey!

    If you have any info call 301-9177. Or IM me!


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    PM me a general area, I know some people who knows some people who live out there.
    We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home; in towns and cities; in shops, offices, stores, banks anywhere that we may be placed


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      it has been happening up the park and up the glenn into Chickaloon.

      Keep up with your message. a co-wprker lost a lost of stuff becuse of this crap. Time to put an end to it.
      No amount of education can help those who want to remain permanently ignorant of facts, which includes those whom have been educated.


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        When they catch them....

        Remember what the back fourty is for.Good luck .GR


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          Sorry to hear that, I hope you get them back. My generator and propane tank were stolen from my Willow cabin last spring.


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            I was robbed also. I live in the same area. My generator, guns and other stuff was taken. Good luck, and If the police catch those responsible I will let you know, probably the same punks:mad:


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              Darn... this really is terrible. I hate to hear stuff like this. I'd be upset if people stole our stuff, too. :\

              One thing is for sure. Stay proactive. Keep calling the pawn shops in the area and be sure you make a police report WITH serial numbers if you still have them.

              That's what saved us on our raft being stolen from our property. We were able to retrieve it because we had pictures, information, and the serial numbers.

              Hang in there... you never know... you might get your items back before you know it! We can only hope....


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                If you're lucky enough to find them, Do everyone a favor and use the triple "S" principle!


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