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    Well, the time is nearing for me to be packing andf moving to alaska. I will be up to the lodge in early April. I will be living year round at the lodge on Admiralty island. Pybus Point Lodge. While i am there I would like to have internet for outside communications. I will be without phone and such so internet will be my ownly link to My folks to check in and see how dad is holding up. If anyone could guide me in the right direction, that would be great. I am setting up a laptop for this so figure I would see what you folks use and how it works and cost involved. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Contact ACS In ANC

    ACS in Anchorage setup a new system this past summer that seems to work very well. You would have to contac them to check on the coverage for that area. I would think the signal should be good just about anywhere your at - with it coming from the satelite.
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      google starband, directway, hughesnet and also GCI can hook you up with net and phone for about $6000.
      At my place there are to many mountains on the southern horizon to get any stationary sattlites with net service.
      You can get an Iridium phone and recieve e-mail from it free for the sender but the calling time is spendy. I tried the net connection with my Globalstar phone and it was worthless


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        you may want to pm bushrat also. he has been on sat net for a while and could stear you in the right direction
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          Hughes Net

          I installed a Hughes Net at my lodge this summer and it has been working great all winter! I'm able to communicate out of there using my skype net phone, and I can talk audio and video to anywhere in the world. There is a slight delay, but you get used to it. The total cost for the dish and hardware was $699.00, and the service is $60 per month. Pretty darn cheap to have internet, phone capabilities, etc.

          Can't remember the install cost, but it wasn't much, and I was pretty remote. About a 7 hour drive. The installer has his own plane, but not sure about floats and going to SouthEast, but he is the only installer that I know of in Alaska. Give him a call and see what he can do. Company name and number is Alaska Satellite Internet Corp 907-451-0088

          I've been in Pybus Point Lodge, and I think you may be fouled by the hill. I can't remember exactly... but it seems you don't have much of a southern sky shot out of there.

          When I used to commercial fish, I was winter king trolling in that area, and blew a head gasket in late october. I limped into the bay, and the winter caretaker invited us in while we waited 4 days for parts to be flown in. We had a great time! What a neat place that is!

          Good Luck!

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            I use explorenet (am useing it right now) Cost 200 bucks plus install. I am from the Yukon but I know Alaskans that have came and gotten it here, our package is 50 bucks a month. I like it because we run a fishing lodge in summer (remote fly in) then we take the dish to our trapline for a couple months, then here to home, its easy to set up our skype phone works like a charm.


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