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How to haul propane fridge??

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  • How to haul propane fridge??

    Looking for advice on how to haul a Danby propane fridge.I have a snowmachine & freight sled,also fly in w/a Beaver as option.Do you lay on side or what?? Any advice appreciated. Thanks...Buzzy

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    I was told you always have to have them standing upright. If you lay them over even for a minute it screws them up. Dont know 100% but that is what I was told. Im sure someone else will pipe up.


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      Call Suburban Propane. They sell and service.


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        I have hauled in several fridges to cabins over the years. I have layed them down. I was told after standing them dont fire them up for 24hours. Seems to work. also in some of my construction jobs here in anchorage we have hauled big fridges and coolers in. We have had to lay them down to get them in and the 24 hour rule was used there per the manufactor
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          Danby propane Fridges work on a liquid/heat transfer system. It's SEALED. The only problem with laying one down is it can get bubbles trapped in the coils which displace liquid in the heating chamber.
          As I understand it; if after righting the fridge and allowing to stand for several hours it fails to cool. You have to stand the fridge on its top and allow to stand several hours right and relight. This allows the liquid to collect in the condenser and return to the heating chamber.
          In Fairbanks contact Alaska Battery Service (452-2002) for more information they are Danby dealers not sure what their Anch phone # is.


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            Thanks for your help guys...sounds like a regular fridge then...


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              Hauled mine on side in boat...And about a freezer

              I hauled mine 45 miles in a boat on its side, then up a hill with pulley system, by hand to the cabin. I stood it up for an hour, then lit it up and it worked great! Looks like you have all the advice you need to do this, I certainly didn't have any problem.

              DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO GET A PROPANE FREEZER IN AK? I have called and emailed all over, Surbaban said they quit handling them, too expensive and didn't sell well. I know, the interior folks just put it in the cache to freeze!



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                Rule of thumb on laying them down was alway stand them up and wait 24hrs. You may get by with a few hrs later once you stand it up but with all it takes to get it there why take a chance on having a problem down the road with condencer, or dryer with the freezer. Good luck T
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                  Capt. Ron,
                  Last time I was at Susitna Energy (ANC) they sold them.



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                    Try ABS in Fairbanks.


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                      Propane Freezers??

                      I see them on Craigs list a few times a year.
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