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  • question about remote radios.

    I am looking for a radio that can get stations out of the normal signal strength. I spend most of my time at our home off the grid and out of radio signals. I don't want a satellite radio just a battery operated unit. Could anyone please give me some advice, on maybe a short wave radio or the like, so I am not just buying something not proven.
    thanks a lot

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    With out more information it a little hard to help. I assume your talking about AM radio. But here go a shortwave radio is more sensitivity than a normal AM radio. No mater what radio you have you need an outside antenna. There are several antenna depending what you want to do, a long wire and a tuner may be the best way to go.


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      you can not beat the reception of this radio

      also get the selectatena model M with the plug for exterior antenna wire

      I tried their fancy twin ferret and it did work


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        pillow speaker

        oh yea
        if you like late night talk radio and your wife does`nt the pillow speaker is a nice option


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          thanks for the info. the ccrane looks like a nice unit. I am going to look at a grundig while I am in Fairbanks as I don;t have to order it. I am going to put an antennae up but was hoping to get more than just AM stations. Our house is close to circle so was thinking I might be able to pick up some Fairbanks FM stations.
          thanks once again.


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            Now that we know you want to listen to FM radio at 100 mile away. I would put up a 5 or 8 element FM radio beam antenna and use a car radio, it cheep and has good sensitivity. AM radio is another problem.


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              What I meant to say was the twin ferret antenna did not work for s--t save your money on that one but the model M is exceptional


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                Other than what is rebroadcast out of Circle or Central on FM, you will not be able to get Fbks fm radio no matter how large a beam antenna you have. Just not doable.

                For am radio, the select-a-tenna is a must, or you can build a simple radio booster yourself. They work off mutual inductance. If you have piece of hockey stick, for example, something like that, or round piece of wood about four inches in length, and you wrap that with a bunch of insulated wire of fairly small gauge, leave a bit of wire sticking out one end and a bit on the other, then duct tape over the coil to hold it in place. Then you attach a ground wire to one end and your antenna wire to the other and you move that booster around the radio to pick up the strongest signal, then tape it in place. What happens is it will interact with the internal antenna inside radio that is a coil just like that, and really boost the signal. You don't need that long of an outside antenna, usually use about sixty feet of wire here for outside antenna. If you really want to get into shortwave either the select-a-tenna or building resonant antenna for whatever band you are on will really help.

                We get stations from all over here using just a simple homemade booster like above, not just Alaska but west coast and east coast depending on band conditions and what the ionosphere is doing. Don't recall if Circle is still rebroadcasting KUAC fm out of Fbks. Central may be, not sure.
                Good luck,
                Mark Richards


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                  Communities served by KUAC Radio translators:
                  Nome 91.3mHz
                  Tok 91.1mHz
                  Eagle 91.7mHz
                  Healy 101.7mHz
                  Nenana 91.1mHz
                  Delta 91.7mHz
                  Circle, Central and Circle Hot Springs 91.7mHz
                  Bettles 93.1mHz
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