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    Here's Mine, built in 3 months in '98

    Though it's not in Alaska, it was rather Remote Living.
    And just to encourage others that it can be done. You can do a lot more than you think.
    Click the upper left photo, then keep hitting the next button. Captions are at the top of each photo.
    Had to take all the photos myself, since I was building the whole thing myself. It took my right arm 2 years to recover.
    Did get a bear visiting me in that camper every few nights. And saw a wolf once.


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      Here's mine

      It's my first log cabin 16 x 16 on log center will have a 3/4 loft in a few more rounds and a 10ft covered porch. Getting to the point where it's getting hard to lift the logs on the walls Will post more pics as it progresses hope to have it finished by end of May.
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        Still trying to shrink the pictures they are too big for the forum.


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          Here's a kindred spirit's cabin he built a few years ago.

          Tom did a great job with this...;art_id=20


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            Nice Albert and the other link too.


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              Your picture are wonderful and thanks for sharing them. I was wondering if you had some pictures of the inside that you would be willing to share as well as some of the stats, size, cost, power sources, ammenities etc. You have a beautiful home!
              Semper Fi and God Bless


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                Tboehm, if you're talking about mine, and not Tom's, here are a few stats.

                Built in ' lumber prices are higher now. But it cost me about $35 per sq. foot to build the house, doing all the work myself. (that included the solar, 2 stoves, wood and propane, and the electric work I had someone else do, which was about $1500 and septic system was only $1500 then.) Water well was extra. I had it all on solar. That was using all store bought 2x6's and nice lumber. I didn't use 4x8 sheets, since 2x6's I could handle myself easily, but the 4x8's would be a big problem handling alone. Also did the entire interior using 2x6 pine, which was quite a bit more expensive than 4x8 drywalling. Oh, yeah, the floor was with redwood, which looked pretty rustic, but cool.

                Course the big savings was doing it all myself. One neighbor came down to help once and I told him although I appreciated the offer, that my goal was to do it all on my own. He cocked his head to the side and didn't understand that I guess.

                Three years ago, I built a another small 12x16' cabin with rough sawn lumber from a mill and the whole cabin with a nice 20x12' deck out front cost $ that's only about $10 per sq. foot, but without the septic, electricity, and used drywall. Telling you this, just to show one can build a fairly nice little cabin for cheap. (this one though had 2x4 walls)

                Sorry no photos online of the interior but it looked pretty nice with the pine.


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                  Course Dick Proenekke built his nice cabin for $40!


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                    Originally posted by Bork View Post
                    Our stairs...and loft...

                    And how we hang moose meat at the cabin
                    I had stumbled onto your web site before and REALY enjoied it. Yalls cabin is unreal! I have for many years wanted to build one myself (don't think it would be as nice as yours) but time wont allow it. I now am looking at buying a small one that I can improve on. Thinking about somewhere between Fairbanks and Denali. Once again, love your cabin and other pics (good hunting stories also).


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                      my cabin

                      don't know if it will show or not , I tried .


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                        year round log home I built for myself

                        My year round home


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                          cabin cost

                          Originally posted by AlbertJohnson View Post
                          Course Dick Proenekke built his nice cabin for $40!
                          And worth every penny!!!!!
                          He built a beautiful cabin and I used the documentary and book for inspiration..

                          "SUA SPONTE"
                          "Illigitmati non Carborundum"

                          I'm 51..... thats 12 in man years.....


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                            Finaly i have my kitchen done now all i need is runing water whitch i will have this summer.. I hope


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                              Fire's raging-

                              Life at the lake is GOOD!!


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                                Skinny, thats an amazing pic!
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