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cold weather 12v to 120v inverter?

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  • cold weather 12v to 120v inverter?

    I've been looking at a 600W sine wave inverter for winter time use in my camper. All the ones I've looked at have a operating temperature range is between 120*f and 0*f . Does anyone know of a unit that will work at say -10* or lower​?

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    We've used a little GoPower inverter (modified, 350w) at our cabin. Got 5 years before it failed (so about $7/year). It sat outside. Only thing I noticed is that the fan, which always ran regardless of temp, was a little noisier when really cold. Maybe they just test to 0 and figure that's good enough for most of the world?


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      I've used this unit down to about -12 to -15deg. F, but that was the starting temp. and then we get things going and warm things up to about 30deg.F or so, and all is good. I've had it for about 5yrs. now, still working like a champ, Full-Sine Wave to.
      But the one "BIG" thing you don't want to over look, or take for granted, is your Battery System, I'm all AGM now, "NO-More" flooded Batteries for me.
      Anyway, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :topjob:
      [ USMC 1st Marine Div. 7th Engineers, VietNam 69-71, Semper-Fi ] :topjob:


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