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completed 2 bed 2 bath off grid house for sale, w/ 20 acres

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  • completed 2 bed 2 bath off grid house for sale, w/ 20 acres

    my wife and I love living off the grid, living large with satellite tv and internet, privacy and the outdoor freedoms and life style with all the comforts of any home. our generator, battery bank, and solar panels power everything. we have propane oven, on demand hot water heater, and a propane dryer that is efficient and makes our clothes and towels very fluffy soft and comfortable. we also have back-up propane lights, propane heaters and a blaze king wood stove for multiple options. Our well water "IS THE BEST" ! - tested and proven better than spring water. If you are interested in knowing more, send me a message . No pressure to sell quickly. we also have parking for many trucks, boats, or RV's,,, and nice wood shed, generator shed, & storage shed.
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    currently listed with sommers and associates Fairbanks Alaska.

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    What contaminants did you test the water for?


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      Sounds like a nice place. I have a couple of remote cabins on the Kenai that are set up pretty well, but not as well as yours. Love getting out there in the winter on the snow machines.
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        That looks really nice, very fine touch on the interior. If I could only get my wife to move, we would be up there. I am thinking Alaska, she is thinking Florida, BAH. So for now we stay where we are :confused:

        Good luck in your sale, must be hard to leave such a nice spot


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          tested for all minerals, pollutants and toxins. water testing company said it was the best water they have ever tested in the interior. clear, cold, and good.


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            Just some friendly advice, get a copy of the actual lab results that show what the water was actually analyzed for. It's not possible to generically test for "all pollutants" as that would be every substance known to man, and sampling for all toxins is senseless and would be ridiculously expensive (thousands of $$). When a lab tests a water sample, they look for specific analytes. More than likely, they analyzed for total coliforms (bacteria) and Nitrates, and possibly arsenic, which is what most realtors / lending institutions look for. If the lab didn't/wont give you the actual results (quantified), go get your money back.


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