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  • Questions for Blaze King Princess owners .

    Ilive in a dry cabin and looking to get a new wood stove. I have a box stovethat works. It heats the house very fast, but also burns through wood very fast.A little too fast and I love that I can cookon as well.I’ve been looking at theBlaze King Princess. Whenever I chat witha sale rep, all I get is yah yah, sure does, absolutely, it will do thattoo.So I thought I’d ask some owners toback up their claim. 1 is, can you boilwater and cook on it? And 2, do you haveproblems with wet wood? When I say wet wood, I don’t mean just cut green wood.I mean there’s a leak in the wood shed or itrained on the logs before cutting & splitting or some snow & ice gotunder the tarp and I melted it before putting it in the stove and how difficultis it to clean the catalyst? Lastly, what are your all around thoughts about thestove?

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    Questions for Blaze King Princess owners .

    I love mine. It has a learning curve though.

    Get a flue. Just the thermostat alone is not enough to choke it down for an all night burn... Easy to roast yourself out otherwise.

    I don't touch mine after about 8 o'clock. If I add any more wood, or stir it up, it can roast me out at 2 am.

    I use whole rounds (I only have spruce ) when possible. 8"-10" is about perfect. Split wood tends to burn faster and hotter- roasting me out.

    Assuming a typical 0-20 above winter night, 3 rounds or so keeps me going for 8-10 hours. Cabin is still comfortable at 10 am.

    No problem with wet wood, but in order to get it hot enough to boil water on the top, it would have to get pretty darn hot- hotter than I like my cabin.


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      I run a lennox and I really like it. It is not a catalyst stove. Any of the new stoves are a large improvement over the stoves of yesteryear.


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        We used a princess for over 20 years. Replaced it a couple of years ago still had a good catalytic converter in it. Will not work with wet wood. Bring in enough wood so you can keep it dry before using. We have cooked a lot of soup and stews on stove. We had trouble with the exhaust stack being too cold. But would hold a fire all night.
        Cleaning out the bypass area was a constant battle. The creosote would fall down the stack into the stove and when you would open it up the chunks would keep the bypass from sealing and then you would have to clean it.
        What are you going to burn in it? What type of wood?


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          I will be burning mostly beetle killed spruce and a little bet of birch here and there.


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            The solution to the creosote in the bypass is to burn the stove hot often enough to cook that stuff out on a regular basis. I agree that it is not the best stove for wet wood, although we burn a fair amount of green wood at times.

            We've have ours for 10 years now and I cant say enough good about it. We heat a 24x36 two story and it is enough stove for all but the coldest of times (-40s). At -40 to -50 it will maintain about 62F in the house as long as you keep it stoked and run it wide open. It is appropriate for 99.5% of the time in our area. We burn about 7 full cords of birch and black spruce a year, which is decent.

            We have had ours keep coals for 3 full days one time in the spring when we were out of town. Granted it was not too cold outside, but to hold coals for that long, it is incredibly airtight. We find no need for a flue damper on ours.

            The downside of them is that they are a little different to get lit. They generally need to be started slowly and steadily to build up heat until the cat is active. This is no problem if you run a woodstove all winter, because you rarely ever need to start a fire, just add wood and open the damper a bit. For a weekend cabin, it would be more of a hassle. We like the glass door, it provides some light on dark winter nights and you can tell the status of the fire with a glance. As an alternative, you can use one of those ecofans on the top of the stove. They dont do much, IMO, to move air, but they are great for telling how hot the stove is at a glance from across the room.

            Lots of good stoves around nowadays. The Princess is one of them, I would buy another in a heartbeat.


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              We've had a Princess for about 8 years now. Great stove. I'd buy another in a heartbeat. We boil water, make coffee, cook on ours frequently. When the power was out last November we had a nice warm house and plenty of coffee and food cooked on the stove.

              Wood that is seasoned but just wet from rain leaking through the shed roof shouldn't be a huge problem. Green wood is a completely different issue. Besides burning dirty, it will ruin your catalyst.
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                Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm sold.


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                  got mine last year and it keeps the house much too warm.. 80's in back bedroom...

                  girlfriend likes flames, no flame add wood, open door- more O2 and wa-la FLAMES!

                  we went thru over 6 cords of semi-dry wood last year

                  I recommend a wood moisture tester- (they are inexpensive)

                  and only burn drier than 16%..

                  at 24-26% I had to "burn" the stove real hot to keep it clean.
                  and the lower moisture = less soot / creosote on glass

                  cooking is all depending on time you have and how hot you want rest of house.

                  water steams fairly easily- hot cocoa, tea, ect.

                  coffee pot doesn't get perking fast enuff for me..
                  but will keep pot hot all day without burning (coffeee) if you have damper/thermosat down and dry wood in the box.

                  to help dry my wood I started two inside stacks, one in the entrance way and the second inside the living rrom near but not too close to the Princess insert

                  I plan to only burn "aged" wood from now on.
                  got 16 cords cut, split, and stacked ready to go

                  hope this helps some.

                  I wouild get another if I had to



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                    note on starting a new fire in the Princess:

                    split arm load of wood into 2-4" chunks, open thermostat all way (counterclock wise), lay 4 pieces lengthwise in the bottom of the stove, in the three gaps in those pieces- crumple up 1/2 sheet of newspaper in place in the gap, lay four more pieces of wood crosswise to those- inserting a peice of crumpled newspaper between each piece, stack another row crosswise to the second row- same direction of orientation as first row-
                    light at the bottom, leave door unlatched-but closed,
                    when fire is roaring good shut door,
                    when tempeture comes up to 500 degrees - close catlyst handle and turn on fan to desired speed

                    no kindle needed and the paper heats up the flue for draft



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                      Going into 3rd winter with new one I haven't had any problems cleaning or other wise burned about 4.5 cords. used as secondary heat sorce but used all the time; if it is to hot open a window.


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                        Check out osburn 2000 or 2300s also. Nice stoves, no catalytic converter to replace.

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                          What I want to know is who has the best price on them........???
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                            We have the princess and the king models. Love them both.
                            Long burn times, easy to operate, practical stove to cook on with plenty of room.
                            Never had any troubles with CAT's or anything else for that matter in 10 years of running them.

                            Bought both of ours at Ak Fireplace.
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