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  • Furniture building tools

    I want to build some log furniture for my cabin. Things like a log framed bed, dining table, large chairs, stair railing, etc.
    I'm having a hard time finding large drill bits for augering holes larger than an inch.
    I'm also looking for help on what different tools I will need.
    I DO have a generator so I could use a power drill. I also dont mind a hand drill but I know that'll be a lot of work.
    Does AIH have tools for this, or are there other stores around Anchorage that might have them?
    I'm looking at a catalog that has Forstner bits, I assume these are for a power drill?
    A few large chisels, handsaws, drawknife, hatchets, what else will I need to get started?
    Is anybody else building furniture? Would be interested in seeing some pictures of your creations.
    Thanks for helping me get started!

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    Lee Valley has a lot of the stuff you need.

    You should be able to use the large Forstener and Saw Tooth bids with a hand brace I would think.


    Tenon Cutters:,42288&ap=1

    Tapered Tenon Cutters:,42288&ap=1



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      Rockler also sells log furniture systems as well.

      However, Lee Valley tools are a cut above most others, and they provide two different tapers depending on what asthetic you are looking for. I would go for the Lee Valley system. The single blade cutter may be "slower" but with a hand drill it will be easier on you to control and survive. Get a Milwalkie Hole Hawg right angle drill to make for easier cutting.


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