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  • Incinolet anyone?

    Looking at buying a new cabin to live in for a year or two, until we can save up enough for a home. It has an outhouse and a bucket, which is fine with me but not with the missus. I was looking at an incinolet toilet, anyone familiar with those? I don't mind the cost's, since it is much cheaper then a septic system. The other house has a septic system and it is not fun if something goes wrong in -60f weather.

    Any suppliers of those in the state? I looked at the compostable toilets, but an incinerator seems like a better option, if it is reliable. Household of 3.

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    The last time I priced them out for remote camp work the only dealer in the state was Tiaga ventures out of Fairbanks.
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      I used to have one years ago. It was gross. I'd stay with the outhouse.


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        I had one a few years ago, paid a lot, sold it for 100 bucks at a garage sale..........happiest day of my life...........what a piece of ****..........
        They say they incinerate, from my experience they do not, we called it the "crank a crapper"

        outhouse is much better.

        Get the missus a piece of foam for the seat.....

        edit (what we had may not have been a INCINOLET brand......) still, use the outhouse
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          We have used a Storburn 60K propane incinerating toilet at our cabin for years and have been very please with it. No smell and it always burns completely. They are pricey be my wife thinks it is worth very penny.

          Good luck.


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            I'd consider an incinolet that is a plastic bucket lined iwth a trash bag. When you are all done toss it in a hot burning sauna fire. That'll do it!


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              My dad and a bunch of his buddies went in together for one at their private airport for the guys that owned the hangers there. He said it worked like a charm with never any troubles. This was in the lower 48 though if that matters. Yep get her a luggable loo for indoors and empty into the out house.
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                +1 to what aksteve had to say. You can't go wrong with an outhouse. Woodstove will make it disappear too.
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                  Just an update, put it in a year ago and it works fine. Empty the ashpan every week or two, and best of all no smell. Outside if there is no wind it sometimes smells like burning paper, but other then that no issues.


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                    Thanks for the update AK9974.


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                      Originally posted by Ak Steve View Post
                      I'd consider an incinolet that is a plastic bucket lined iwth a trash bag. When you are all done toss it in a hot burning sauna fire. That'll do it!
                      I don't think I'd want to be using that sauna.

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