The Incredibly versitile Wet-Dry Vac



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  • The Incredibly versitile Wet-Dry Vac

    I have had a Wet/Dry Vacume for many years and use it for so many things. I find I could not go without one.
    Here are some of the things I use it for that one my not think about and I bet if you guys chim in I may learn
    a new use for them.

    1) Defrosting a Freezer: I use it to suck out the loose frost and towards the end reverse it to melt that solid ice in the back.
    I would say it cuts the time of the job in half.
    2) Portable Bildge Pump: The bildges in my boat are flat so traditional bilge pumps still leave a fair amount of water
    and the vac wil suck it dry.

    3) Leaf/ Dust Blower: Reverse the hose.

    4) Clearing Drains

    5) Dust Collector:
    Many power tools (saws sanders) come with a dust bag or port. Sometimes it fits perfect and if not
    with some plumbing pipe can be reduced for just about any of these. It will eliminate 95% of the dust
    Great if you have to saw or sand indoors

    6) Great Fast Clean-up: Vacume the entire inside of my home in minutes and it gets all the dust you miss with a traditional

    Don't forget to remove the filter when picking up water.
    If we all agreed....this would be no fun

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    I forgot an important one which is blowing up or deflating an Air Bed
    If we all agreed....this would be no fun


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      vacuum packing - all kinds of bags, such as space bags for clothing, zip lock baggies with trail stuff for lightweight backpacking, etc. Foodstuff that I am leaving at the cabin can be sucked down and stowed neatly inside large metal cooking pots so that vermin don't get to it. Anything I want to waterproof for boat trip can be stuck in a trash bag and carefully sucked down to stow neatly. That corner cleaning nozzle really comes in handy for vacuum packing. Luv my shop vac at remote cabin!


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