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Cabin floor insulation

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  • Cabin floor insulation

    what do people usually do for insulating their cabin floors, i am using 11 7/8 bci joists, trying to decide fiberglass batts or blue board, and different ways to cover the bottom if i used batts

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    Bats with 1/4" wire mesh.
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      Whatever you choose, you need to keep the squirrels from the fiberglass, and you need to keep the Porcupines from accessing any plywood. Ty-par and 1/4" Rabbit wire will work.
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        Something that works well for covering the bottom of a floor is window cutouts from metal doors. The door shops are glad to get rid of them for free or they have to pay to dump them. You can either nail or screw them across the floor joist and they are strong enough that each edge does not have to hit a joist for support. that way you have steel covering the underside of your floor plus you have about another 1.5 " of insulation . If you want this air tight just chaulk the joints. The big plus is they are FREE.


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          I used 2x8s for my floor joists. I used R-Tech rigid foam board insulation (1.5" thick) on the bottom to keep critters out and 6" of fiberglass batting above the foam. Just cut the rigid insulation to fit between the joists and it would rest on the bottom lip. Then put the batting in. Good luck.
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