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How to determine a cut on a sill log???

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  • How to determine a cut on a sill log???

    Ok guys, I need some guidence please, am buildin' a lil' spruce coop for the chooks that I have, & I'm lookin' hi & lo & readin', readin' & readin', all I can on log building, & am not able to find much of anything that determines the sill log cut depth...So with that, anyone on here, knowledgeable enough for any tips? Readin' material online?

    Thanks in advanced...

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    Well, I'm not a guy but I think I know the answer.... Take a full log cut in half, place opposite of each other then take two other logs either full rounds or at least 3/4 log flat on the bottom so when you saddle notch the corners to fit together the the end walls will be heigher then the one log cut in half. But remember to do opposite of each other butt to tip when building up the walls to get an even height all the way around.


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      ive heard lots of positive responses bout a book titled "BUILDING THE ALASKAN LOG CABIN" or home, not sure mine is on order as we speak it's a birthday gift from my lil sis, perhaps you will find the answer your looking for in there & if not it'll probly still be a good read & you'll pick up a few pointers elsewhere in it texts, good luck


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        Do what Northwoods said. Take the shortest side (or the side that you want your rafters on) to start with for your half logs. Then cut out half of the other log for your saddle notch to sit on lower log and repeat several times until desired height of walls are reached. Then rip another log in half for final top course. In between each log I would highly recommend using a product called EMSEAL to keep out air flow.
        Hope this helps


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