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Clearing Alder

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  • Clearing Alder

    I visited my property this weekend. I realized that I have lots of alder to clear before I can deal eith things like the outhouse, driveway and cabin...

    My budget is low, so bringing in equipment is not going to happen. Is there any trick to this other then cutiing them up and digging up the stumps? Maybe some old timer trick i haven't heard of? Some magic chemicla that instantly disaolves them but harms nothings else!

    I think I know the answer, but it never hurts to ask.

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    What kind of soil is it in? It is a ton of work but I have had luck just ripping them out of the ground. In my case it was the standard AK clay with loads of gravel in it.


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      I have had very good luck with a tried and true product call D-8 it is made in the United States by company called Caterpillar, it comes in a bright yellow contained. I have been using the 13 foot blade, with a two barrel ripper. I don't know where your property is, but I suggest you find a local with iron, you'll be money ahead, unless you really enjoy hard manual labor.
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        The soil is soft. I have stuck my machette in the ground several times with no resistance.
        Perhaps I can pull them out wiht a four wheeler if we loosen things up with shovels beforehand.


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          I've pulled a metric crapload of alder with a cable choker and a 4 wheeler. A 4 foot run at it is usually all it takes. Plus it pulls most of the roots up so it won't grow back so fast. Good luck.


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            GOATS!! Haha, I know that's not the cheapest way, but they are very effective. I think usually wethers are pretty cheap. Our goats do a pretty good job of keeping the alders down.


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