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Millwright/Mechanical FItter from Australia seeking Job Expression of Interest

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  • Millwright/Mechanical FItter from Australia seeking Job Expression of Interest

    Just putting this out there for anyone who may see it or know someone and can direct them to this.

    I am a Trade qualified (apprenticeship) Millwright/Industrial Mechanic.

    Seeking a job and an Employer in AK that could sponsor me for my working visa, I am looking at migrating to AK.

    My Australian Job qualifications "tickets" are:

    Certificate iii in Engineering- Mechanical 4yr apprenticeship
    Forklift licence
    Elevated work platform licence (jlg boom lift)
    Basic Scaffolding licence
    Dogging licence (lifting with cranes licence)
    Confined space training ticket
    Working at heights Ticket
    Gas testing confined spaces ticket
    First Aid Certificate
    obviously have drivers licence too.

    Difference between a ticket and a Licence in my country:
    Ticket= classroom training for a certificate, doesn't expire
    Licence= usually 4/5days classroom and practical training with an issued government licence for that type of work.
    I dont know what work related licences are required in Alaska, if anyone reading this could explain i would appreciate it very much.

    I also have work experience with Rigging, but dont have my licence (chain blocks,lever hoists,chains,slings,pulleys,sheaves etc)

    My experience;
    I am experienced with Manual and CNC lathe and mill machining

    Welding Tig and Tig brazing Mig Stick/Arc, Oxy welding & brazing, Oxy cutting. can do all of these to a good level, not a professional welder/boilermaker though.

    Pump and Gearbox repairs and servicing works- rebuids, seal changes, gland packings etc.
    Pump and gearbox installs- fitting pipework and pipe fitting/welding, bedding/bolting down, machining couplings/adapters,coupling alignments manual and Laser.

    Structural steel- structural modifications and installs, basic fabrications/site fabrications.

    Hydraulics- fault finding, hose and component replacements, servicing

    Pnuematics, tuning, fault finding, component servicing/rebuilding

    Conveyors-"mine type", roller replacements, PMs head drums alignments/tuning, head drum replacements, skirting, wear plates/hoppers, conveyor installs, greasing, etc
    Crushers, Hammer replacements, wear plates, single jaw crusher adjustments, chutes and hopper fixes

    Pipefitting/process control- flange management, spool installs, spool checks/maintenance/fitting/painting, flange checks, flange torquing, valve installs/removals, valve rebuilds "basic", pipe installs and measuring, Boilermaker assistance (boilermaker helper), Removal of old sections/demolition and replacement.

    Worked at- Power stations, Timber mills, Paper Mills, Mines, Steel mills, Smelters, Plastics plants, manufacturing plants and processing plants.

    I like to learn new things, I am not afraid of responsibility and Dont care how dirty, cold, hot or hard the work is. yes I am from Australia, I grew up where it snows and I am happy to work outside in the snow/rain/mud/etc. Happy working shifts and doing 12hr days

    I dont yet know what specific work regulations apply with regards to work safety, but I am happy to pay for and do my own training/licences if it means getting a job.

    When I come to Alaska I will be buying my own 4x4 Truck and tools- welder, cutting torch, hand tools, pipe fitting tools, mechanic tools, measuring tools, boilermaker tools, some carpentry/construction stuff
    Allways buy my own tools if needed.

    Hoping to find a good job with a Good Crew of guys most importantly

    Would like to get experience on the oil and gas industry if I can, always heard really good things about it, but the industry is very very hard to get into in Australia.
    Looking at making the move next year (2021) Summer/Fall. Coming up a few months earlier to look for work/jobs and see the state.

    Any comments on finding work/jobs and anything abut working in industry, any tips, any information that would be helpful I would appreciate too.**

    Feel free to flick me a PM or Email

    Edited: **

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    We have refineries in Nikiski and platforms in Cook Inlet. Also many companies here hire for jobs on the North Slope. Perhaps the Natural Gas Pipeline and Processing facilities construction will happen in a time frame that works for you.
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