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    Originally posted by Rob B View Post
    The only other one that I now of is the Police Academy in Fairbanks. Not sure if they let self pays take the class or not.
    I just read up in the one in Fairbanks. I will already be going to UAF and its in the UAF educational system so I don't think I will have a problem going. I think I will really consider it while I go to UAF.


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      Back when I was at UAF in the 80's, most the guys on the campus security detail were students headed towards career LEO. Don't know if they still have these positions. Last year when I was up there on campus only appeared to have actual cops rather than kids with flashlights.

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        I went to UAF in the late 80's, UAF police hired student security officers and we patrolled the campus, most of us went on to LE careers. In the early 90's the title and duties changed, but it's still a good department to learn from and there are some really top notch officers there. I personally wouldn't do anything with NP police, unless it's changed a whole lot in the last 20 years. I received my degree in CJ from UAF, and am sad to learn it's not really being offered there anymore. The University system has taken and will take a bunch of cuts in the coming years so choose your degree with an eye to a program that will continue on at UAF. I'd say that it used to matter in LE if you had a criminal Justice degree, now not so much, any degree will work, heck a social work degree would probably get you farther than a CJ degree nowadays. I would definitely look into an internship once you get toward the end of your degree work. The head of AST in Fbks was at one time a student intern, as was I. you get to work for free but develop a good understanding of the job, and the people that might hire you can see your work ethic. I have worked with a large number of LE agencies in this state, most of them are outstanding. If your interested in FPD, AST and APD you would be choosing wisely. The smaller agencies also are outstanding and if you are moving to Alaska to be in the great outdoors then the smaller agencies might be more to your liking anyhow.


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