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  • looking for work as a packer

    Looking for work as a packer. I just finished working at a fish camp outside of Kenai and will be flying into anchorage on the 12th. I've read a lot about the old African hunters, mountain men, and books by jack oconnor and the like and want to get a taste of the guide buisness. I don't have much hunting experience, but very much want to learn everything the job entails: skinning, processing, camp prep, etc.. I know it sounds cliche, but I am a hard worker. The boat I've been fishing on all summer has no power equipment, so round hauling nets with a couple hundred pounds of flounder by strength of back and spirit can attest to that. I have no problems being dirty, wet, or cold as the experience means more than anything. I have a good work history and can provide numbers of past employers and references. As I mentioned, I'll be in anchorage on the 12th and for a couple weeks after that until I find the job.My name is Jordan by the way, and I can be contacted through this forum or at Thanks for reading, and for any info anyone can provide.

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    A few pieces of advise. Before going afield, go to Value Village, and buy durable but disposable work clothing. Be professional, yes.....I know you have never worked as a "Packer", but you can still be professional of heart, mind and spirit. You are generally alone, so have good, but basic survival gear 24/7, while not likely to happen, you could find yourself overnight alone in the wilderness with no gear, 33 degrees, driving rain, and 60 mile per hour wind. (Don't ask how I know this).

    Try very hard to have the guide supply the pack to be used for freighting, and request it be a quality pack, likely not top shelf, but not junk either.

    Be eager to learn, be respectful towards the clients (Note: You will likely earn more in tips from clients, than in wages). Don't let yourself be abused mentally or physically. Packers tend to be mistreated by guides, which is stupid, because Packers perform a critical part of the guide business. Packing is dangerous work, it is easy to over work yourself, or be pushed in to overworked by the guide, to the point your body is weakened and vulnerable to serious injury.

    Don't be lazy........but know when to take a break and rest for a bit. I have huge respect for packers, it is very hard work, day after day, often weeks after weeks of hard manual labor. Be professional, be eager to learn the Guide Trade, which contrary to common assumption, has little in common with hunting for sport or meat.

    Just my opinion, but I prefer working for a small Guide Operation, and avoid massive corporate guiding empires.
    "Life Is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing" - Helen Keller


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      Thank you for tips and insight into the nature of the work. I figured as much, being low man on the totem pole your probably going to take some flak. I'm a paitent person and pretty good at working with difficult people or bosses. I will definitely heed your advise on the gear, I'm just waiting to get a lead on a job before I buy what I need. Again, thank you for taking the time to reply as any information is useful.


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