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  • First retrieve!

    My field bred Springer "Alpine" is now 16 months old and aside from basic obedience he hasn't received any training. Definitely a source of frustration for me since I got him to be a bird dog! But life happens and I can't complain because he is my oldest boys best friend and that is certainly worth the price of admission. One thing that has been apparent is that he is very "birdy" and eager to retrieve. If you throw it he will bring it back, doesn't care if it's in the water, field or woods. He has sniffed out several small dead birds killed by the neighbors cats and always felt the need to deliver them as gifts to my wife (much to her chagrin).

    Fast forward to today. My wife and kids are staying in southern AL while the wife finisher college and they live just a bit out in the country. Far enough out that the neighbor has chickens. For the most part the chickens live to harass my poor pooch, they will strut up and down the fence or climb up on top of it and crow. Pretty much anything to drive a bird dog out of this skull. Alpine knows he is not allowed in the neighbors yard but apparently the neighbor forgot to teach his chickens the same courtesy.

    Now I don't know if you are familiar with Springers but they run, they run a lot! They run a lot and pretty much at mach 4 to the point that it tiring just watching them. My dog is no different, he has built a zig zagging course in the yard and runs it in sequence at full speed for longer than you would care to watch.

    Well today he was out running and one of the chickens got bold. A quick hop and a flap and he was in our back yard. My wife was out with the dog and didn't see the chicken. The same could not be said for Alpine! My wife was watching and he suddenly veered off his regular course at about 400 miles an hour and that silly hen never had a prayer. Alpine scooped her up squawking like.... well an angry hen! With his prize clutched in his mouth he made a b-line for my still unsuspecting wife with that very alive very unhappy chicken flopping in his mouth!

    Now my wife is a tough as they come but on this day she was just lounging in the back yard trying to get some sun. Not exactly the situation when you want an angry live chicken dropped in your lap! Well I guess the pup didn't figure that out cause that is exactly what he did! My poor wife is sent reeling backwards out of her chair and the chicken has decided that she must be the source of all her problems. The chicken is now in a full on rage flopping, squawking and pecking at my little lady and that dang dog is grinning ear to ear and loving every second. Finally the angry old hen sees an opening and makes it up on the porch rail then with a flap and a hop back over the fence and to safety with Alpine nipping at her tail feathers.

    After a moment staring at the chicken through the fence as it is fast striding back to it's own yard, Alpine looks back at my wife in that bird dog manner of mixed excitement and disgust that clearly says "you let it get away!"...

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    Useless without video!!!
    Would have paid to watch that.
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      Too funny. I can see it clearly. That is a great story,


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        Sounds like you need to have your springer force fetched so your wife doesn't have to repeat that experience.


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          Hahaha. Great story. I can clearly see it, you are an excellent writer.
          Most un-trained bird dogs will really want to hold onto that chicken, so that is a great sign that Alpine delivered.
          Hope you can post some pics of him when you come around.
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            Good stuff man. A little unrelated but the part where Alpine gave your wife the "you let it get away look" made me think of the first time I missed a duck while hunting with my lab up on the hay flatts. It has happend many times since and is bound to happen again but the let down it gave her when the gun went bang and she didnt get to hit the water was visable and actually made me feel guilty for missing. I dont know about yall but I would rather miss infront of my buddies and get laughed at then miss and disapoint my lab. Great story!!!!
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              Well, I just went over and checked out the "I love Chickens" forum, and someone posted an unfavorable tale about springers! Seems they have a different take on this incident of terror. :-)

              Funny stuff.



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                Great story! I have two field bred english springers and can attest to the fact that they are like hellions in the field. Hard to shut off the speed. I should rename them "Double" & "Trouble"......


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