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    So my new Chessie, Palin, has come along quite nicely. She comes on command and whistle, sits on command and whistle, and her drive to retrieve finally kicked in. Her new teeth are coming, so I have to limit the retrieves with the bigger bumpers to one or two and keep using the smaller ones for the most part.

    At night sometimes I go in the garage and throw the little ones around to let her get used to finding them by scent rather than just sight.

    I have thrown some doubles for her and I am trying to get her to learn to retrieve one, deliver it, and then go for the second. To date, I have only accomplished this by telling her to come after she has one in her mouth and then commanding "Back" again for her to go and get the second one. Is this the correct way of training her or should i do something else? If I don't use this method, the photo shows what I get! LOL

    Click image for larger version

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    Looks like a double to me.


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      LOL, yeah, but it won't work with ducks! Maybe she will just figure it out when the bigger bumpers won't fit.


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        Widen your angle between the throws. To start ... maybe even 180 degrees apart. By that way she has to come to you before proceeding to the other. As she gets used to that routine (the mechanics of a double) then you can lessen the angle.

        Also coming when called is very important even with a bumper in the mouth. Use a rope or collar condition your dog so you have a way to reinforce the come command.

        You might also consider starting wagon wheel drills. These are lining drills that will help you and your pup "Line Up" for the next bumper. Using commands that will help you que your dog to go as sent. It builds confidence in the pup to believe in you that there something in that direction for them to retrieve.

        For marks (which are items thrown) I will release them to retrieve by saying the dogs name. I use the word "Back" as a command to go forward on a blind retrieve.

        These are methods and commands that I use. No matter what program you decide to follow just stay consistent with it. There are many ways to train a dog. Enjoy the journey.:topjob:
        Baron Rea


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          Thanks for the tips. I probably should invest in an e-collar for that reason. She was born in November in Montana, so she knows nothing but snow, and with all of this newly exposed dirt and brush, she is more interested in exploring than retrieving. She marks the throws well, but about halfway there, she usually gets distracted by some scent and I have to re-focus her. The new stuff with the new teeth is making it harder on her to focus than it was earlier. I will definitely use the 180 degree throws - that should be a good start.

          Would it be a bad thing for me to use the command "Fetch" for marks and "Back" just for blinds? I don't want to use her name simply because I like having that simply to get her attention.


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            Would it be a bad thing for me to use the command "Fetch" for marks and "Back" just for blinds?
            You could. But, if you are hunting with someone else and their dog there's a good chance you'd be sending two dogs at the same time. I know mine would consider it perfectly reasonable to go on the word, "Fetch." They're always looking for an excuse to retrieve something, specially a bird.

            I'd use another word. Anybody ever sent their dog on a mark with the word, "Kitty"?


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              I know a guy that sends his dog on "Bird"
              Ques his dog for a blind by saying "Dead Cat"
              No Joke ..... I get a kick out of it. The dogs don't care as long as it is consistent.

              Let her do all kinds of exploring. It is a new world to her. Lots of smells once all that snow goes away. I would limit my retrieving with young dogs to a low cut grass field with little to no distractions. By that way you have a greater chance of the pup being successful on the retrieve. It also helps if you have someone else throw for you. By that way the thrower can keep the pup interested in getting to the retrieve object. Use white bumpers or similar object that the pup can readily see. Shoot for success ... so don't set something up that she won't succeed at. Like starting a retrieve that is too great a distance or sending her on a retrieve into a strong head wind or a strong cross wind.
              As she is being successful her confidence will go up. then you can introduce other factors to her retrieving.
              Baron Rea


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                Cool. Will do. Thanks.

                I have been using a black and white bumper all winter in the snow and she does great. If she can see it, she always gets it, even though she may pound it down into the snow first. Over hills and in brush, she always finds it, but then sometimes decides she would rather explore. That doesn't end well for her, but like you said, with all the new, I am having to be a bit more patient and make them easier.


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                  The 180 degree throws work, as long as you can keep her from blowing past you on the way to #2. Skinny driveways with snow berms help. Another idea is to use the outer corner of the house or other building, or a fence. Like outside a fenced yard or ball field. Throw the bumper to one side let her retrieve it, then turn 90 degrees and throw down the other side. There is no way for her to cheat the retrieve because of the barrier. Do lots of singles to both sides before you ever try a double.


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                    Thanks, River Rat. I don't have a problem with her blowing past me. If I say come, she comes....unless there is another bumper out there by her. She thinks I want her to get them both before returning, but if she got close to me, she would not pass me for the second one before delivering, I am quite sure. We will see tomorrow! LOL She is not yet at the phase where she would rather retrieve than anything. She enjoys it, but she also knows that I am commanding it, so she does it when commanded, although a lot of the time she would rather go explore or eat chicken poo or something. She just isn't gung-ho about retrieving yet. I think it is more obedience now than sheer fun for her. I am hoping as she gets all her teeth in that she will get more excited about it. It seems to bother her after a little while now.


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