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Retriever training in Anchorage

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  • Retriever training in Anchorage

    This is my first spring in Anchorage and I'm wondering were so good training spots are? I've been doing a little training all winter on the lake behind my apartment, but it's starting to get a little sketchy, so I'm looking for a place to train till I can train in the lake.

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    Contact one of the retriever clubs down there:

    Alaska Working Retriever Club - Contact Kelli Toth about training groups or classes.

    Retriever Club of Alaska -

    Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association -


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      I don't know what part of town you are in, but one of the things you can do is to go to a high school that has ski trails. They usually have an open field where they stage the start and stop of the cross-country ski races. The same fields are used in the warm season for soccer, PE, and football. Makes for a good open low grass area to do all your land drills on. The cool things about these areas is that they are typically hidden from view of roads and what not and since they are not parks they are not visited by kids too often in the evenings.

      What you will find in the summer is every flat spot becomes a Boys and Girls Club soccer field all day, and specially evening, long. Makes it hard to train after work/dinner. There are parks all over town that are usable. Legally you have to have your dog on a leash at all times unless you are at a sanctioned dog training/trail event. I keep a short (12 inch) lead on my dogs training collar to comply. Of course leash laws are not enforced, but the school maintainance staff at one place asked me to leash her once, so that is my solution.


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        Everything is so sloppy now. I've been using snow dumps and lit parking lots during the winter, that's pretty much shot for the rest of breakup. Now, I'm going out to the valley there's some hayfields we can use now and then and Eklutna flats around the Parks highway intersection.

        One thing, is that you don't want to train in one place to much. Dogs don't generalize very well unless you take their training to several different places.

        How old is your pup and what are your goals?


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          Most of my trainig during the winter is to keep my dog active and give him an avenue to release some energy. I don't expect to really accomplish much during the winter, mainly just keeping things fresh in him mind. My dog is almost three years old. My goal for spring and early summer training is to try to get as much work in as possible before I have to leave for the field season so I don't have a lot of ground to make up before duck season once I get back. This year I really want to work with him because once I get back from the field I'm taking him to the lower 48 for some pheasant hunting.


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            There are quite a few training groups that get together during the week and also on weekends.
            The retriever clubs are a great source for meeting others that train as well.
            I can give you a few contacts if you wish to get out and train with a group.
            Baron Rea


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              If you have access to Elmendorf there are lots of fields and water on the back side of base. I trained my dog back there all the time. If you do not I am sorry. It is a long drive but I use to do some work up at the flatts when I had time and gas money to do it (summer of 08 prices were high!!!) Good luck and welcome to paradise!
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