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  • Chocolate or Yellow lab

    I am not sure if this is the correct spot on this site or not but I am quite sure someone will let me know if it isn't. I would like to purchase a Chocolate or yellow lab pup. I am in the Fairbanks area. Please call 488-4028 if you know of any litters. I have been keeping an eye on the FNSB shelter and Golden Retriever Rescue sites for a couple months with no luck.
    Jason 488-4028

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    These pups are available:

    3 females available out of FC AFC Hiwood Jaguar and my female Eve who is a Master Hunter. I want them all to go to Field Trial homes. These pups will be the last sired by Jag because he is now unfortunately deceased. Those who are interested can contact me at 907-250-1844 for more information. -- Roy Redifer


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      Steve McVeigh has a litter of FC/AFC Talkeetna River Teak pups, both yellows and blacks. He's in the valley I think. His cell is 841 8783.

      Teak is not an over the top field trial lab. I don't know about the b****.


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        There are a few labs at the MatSu shelter last I looked. Im going down there tomorrow to take photos. I'll post them if I see anything that looks like what you are looking for. If you would consider a black, you'll have more luck. The color is just a fashion statement anyway.

        Linda Henning


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          This puppy just came into the Mat-Su Shelter.
          This DOG - ID#A037716

          I am an unaltered male, yellow and white Labrador Retriever. (because they don't know how to define colors I guess, looks all lab)

          The shelter thinks I am about 6 weeks old.

          I have been at the shelter since Mar 31, 2011.

          This information is 2 hours old.
          Don't know if he was found (unlikely) or dropped off in the night drop. 746-5500


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            There is an add on the for 4 reg pups, Choc. go to the page and hit the free classifieds complete list. Hope this helps.


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