i have a blue nosed pit and a german shepard collie smoothe breed mix



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  • i have a blue nosed pit and a german shepard collie smoothe breed mix

    my pit is still a lil puppy and my other dog is 5 im assuming she is to old to train for this kinda stuff but is my pit a good breed for a bird dog? if so how old befor you start training them for it and whats the first step in the training process?

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    Just in case this is not a joke.....A lot of dogs can be trianed to retrieve. We have a husky/lab mix in our group who has been retrieving very well including birds. It depends on their drive, what do they enjoy doing. I would think a seasoned trainer could get dogs other than bird dogs to hunt and retrieve but to start with dogs who probably do not have the breeding will be a lot harder. the best thing to do is start with an obedience class. Even the older dog. I've seen 9-10 year old sled dogs who spent their lives on a chain, trained for some easy agility. Again that was by seasoned trainers.
    I was just thinking of this today actually having trained 4 rescued dogs after 25 years with only field Labs.
    I think, if you really want to get into field work, get a well bred field dog. Learn it with a dog that comes with the "software" Then after you train 5 of them, think about working with a mix or non-sporting dog. You'll have to live to train and be committed.



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      ok thank you linda that helps alot my mother inlaw is a dog trainer she owns k9 resort in wasilla so i will enroll my dogs with her thank you again for the advice and this is by no means a joke i enjoy hunting and i enjoy being with my dogs so if i can hunt with my dogs thats even better


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        A man I worked with in Detroit said his father had a German Shephard that was a great pheasant dog. A few years after the riots in the 60's pheasants started returning to the area. His dad had his auto repair shop survived as the area was bulldozed and went into urban decay. I didni't believe him so he showed me an old photo of his dad and the dog, bbgun and a half a dozen pheasants in an over grown warehouse lot.


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          wow thats a pretty neat story and to have old pictures is even neater i hope those stay in his family for a very long time i believe my mix dog bella would be good at it she loves to run and swim and she just acts like she wants to be trained more she allready has some training but she like almost herds my kids around the house lol so thas why i would lke to give her the training i think not only i but she would loe it aswell


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