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    I just wanted to say the weather is awesome for some pup training hope everyone is getting outside my pointers have been doing great got my 7 month old on her first none check cord point today and got it on video as soon as i learn to post it i will..... as a first time trainer for me on her i am bursting with joy..... i'm gonna step up to shooting birds off her in a week or so.... hopefully the weather stays nice and we can start some training days.... my male pup is still not holding point but hes come along way he's 6 months old but a little slower... hes getting better......
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    where are you going to go to shoot birds? Game farm?

    It looks like you are on base in your other photo. I take my lab to the soccer field behind Bartlet High and run her on hand thrown marks. Need to finish building the wingers so she can work some distance retrieves.

    It has been pretty good lab training weather for a couple of weeks now. My 8 month old lab had her first swim ever last week in a knee deep slush puddle. She loved it. Actual swimming will be a couple more weeks before the water is soft enough.


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